What We Do

  • Inspired by Opportunities, Guided by Intellectual Honesty


GPs Benefit:

  • Option to get investment platform independently* and holistically vetted from LPs’ standpoint addressing their key concerns and priorities
  • No longer stalled by “gatekeepers” to LPs for non intellectual reasons
  • Much evolved/advanced conversation with GP/Consultant
  • Much advanced and streamlined due diligence process from EM specialist –strategy nuances recognized and appreciated better
  • Can better anticipate and address LP concerns
  • Opportunity to make internal improvements highlighted in the audit

Emerging Markets Alternatives

Independent Investment Audit/Due Diligence for GPs and LPs


LPs (Institutional Investors, Family Offices)

LPs Benefit:

  • No longer just exotic pitches
  • Fully vetted ideas for consideration at no cost to LPs, when GP retained
  • Peer-sharing of audit costs in LP retained mandates
  • A reliable resource to clinically audit ideas for a much advanced dialogue with GP without committing upfront resources or time to discover ideas/build expertise
  • Can now focus on more value-added things:
    -negotiate terms/side letters
    -participate in co-investments
    -ask for Fund Board/LPAC seat
    -monitor fund knowledgeably
  • Access fully vetted opportunities to fulfill diversity/emerging manager mandates
  • Investment audit is conducted in accordance with CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct specifically, Standard I(B) Independence and Objectivity and Standard V(A) Diligence and Reasonable Basis
  • Investment audit reports opinions on most qualitative and quantitative aspects of the investment and helps transfer knowledge from GP to LP
  • Investment audit neither provides buy/sell investment recommendation, tax or legal opinion nor is an offer to buy or sell an investment
  • EMA could be retained by either LPs or GPs but not concurrently on the same audit project.
  • EMA does not act as a placement agent and is not compensated by GP for capital raise. EMA’s revenues are purely driven by its audit work not linked to audit findings or LP commitments to any opportunity.
*The Path to Transparency in Alternatives Investing, EIU/Northern Trust Survey Feb 2017