Welcome To Emerging Markets Alternatives

  • LPs’ Watchdog!
    • EMA offers GPs (practicing alternative strategies in emerging markets, with a compelling value proposition, espousing transparency):

      • independent investment audit (akin to a rating/appraisal agency) of their investment offerings
      • objective knowledge transfer from GPs to LPs from LPs’ perspective enabling informed decision-making


      • EMA offers LPs :

      • an independent source beyond their immediate network to identify pre-qualified niche alternative opportunities in emerging markets meriting further due diligence
      • a reliable and expert resource enabling knowledge-transfer from GPs to LPs for informed decision-making
      • substantial fee savings resulting from “peer-sharing” of due diligence costs.


Emerging markets is used in the broadest sense to include frontier markets. EMA’s audit does not provide an investment recommendation nor is an offer to buy or sell an investment. EMA does not manage any investment nor provides investment, legal or tax advice. EMA does not act as a placement agent. EMA’s revenues are purely driven by its audit work not linked to audit findings/conclusions or LP commitments to any opportunity.