Intelli-bytes Episode: Cashing in on a New China

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Our latest episode of Intelli-bytes is with Ben Fanger of ShoreVest, probably one of the earliest investors in China distressed debt who set up shop on the ground in China 15+ years ago and has transacted over $ 1 billion in NPLs and special situation loans since then. After an initial review of ShoreVest featured in Intelli-bytes in October 2021, we conducted a full-fledged investment audit in the first quarter of 2022, summarizing our findings in a confidential Investment Audit Report that many LPs globally have accessed directly from us to initiate/complete their own due diligence.

As one can appreciate, a lot has transpired globally and especially in China in the last eight months since we completed our investment audit in March 2022. Therefore, we thought it’s imperative to reaffirm ShoreVest’s original thesis in light of the changing macro environment in China. Through this episode of Intelli-bytes, we share with you a live recording of our conversation that you might find useful as an addendum to our comprehensive Investment Audit Report, as you continue your due diligence of ShoreVest.

Synopsis: Cashing in on a New China

What was a preview to a new China the last couple years, now formally defines China’s “new era” with Xi Jinping’s confirmation for an unprecedented third term at the recently concluded Chinese Communist Party’s congressional meetings. “Xi Jinping Thought”, “Common Prosperity”, “Dual Circulation”, etc, are loudly proclaimed China’s governing mantras as it paves its path forward to the world stage and at home. The go-go yester years that lured foreign investors to Chinese equities (recall the “A Share” craze) and bonds will yield to a new environment where private businesses (and by extension investments) will have to stretch further to find new catalysts to grow and thrive in harmony with the State’s objectives.

In this milieu, cashing in on a new China is almost counter-intuitive! But banking on one of China’s key objectives (i.e., Xi Jinping’s signature policy reforms, more pertinently) of “de-risking and deleveraging” affords an idiosyncratic opportunity which forms the central thesis of ShoreVest’s two-pronged “cash generative” strategy: monetizing non-performing loans, and lending into special situations.

Recognizing the impending threat to its financial (and social) stability, China gave a regulatory push in recent years to its de-risking and deleveraging signature reform by mandating its Asset Management Companies (AMCs) to dispose of non-performing loans estimated up to $4 trillion (Source PwC) accumulated in the aftermath of the GFC through China’s unbridled debt-fueled expansion/fiscal stimulus in 2009-2014.  As a result, each of the last two years saw massive NPL disposals of $0.5 trillion on average (Source: CBIRC). Relatedly, since 2018 China has also cracked down on its shadow banking sector removing ~$ 800 billion (Source: Moody’s) of a valuable funding channel for borrowers who often need urgent flexible capital for special situations to refinance a maturing loan, bridge finance to an IPO, rescue finance, etc.

With a remaking of China’s Politburo and faced with a sharp economic slowdown, it warrants reaffirming, if China would continue down its de-risking and deleveraging path or revert to its debt-fueled expansionary ways. By the same token, it begs asking if AMCs would stay committed to their core mandate to dispose of NPLs and not get distracted/go slow by Beijing’s interim directives and their own temptations to digress to bailing out the ailing property sector.

With the property market in a state of flux, establishing real estate/collateral values poses a challenge which justifies asking how ShoreVest is adapting to the new environment to value collateral which is key to pricing its bid and exits of NPLs as well as establishing loan-to-value margins for its special situations’ loans. By extension, it is imperative we ask how ShoreVest is adopting conservative practices to underwrite, execute, risk-manage its portfolio. Lastly, it’s important we re-establish how the exit environment is shaping up with some indications from ShoreVest’s recent exits of NPLs and special situations (in a downbeat atmosphere) for it to realize its return objective of mid-to high teen IRRs at the deal level.

We discussed all the above and more with chief strategist, Ben Fanger of ShoreVest (China) Credit Opportunities Fund II drawing upon his all-Mandarin speaking local team’s on-the- ground presence and Shorevest’s China-wide footprint through in-house and external servicers.

Please take a listen and stay tuned.

LPs are welcome to reach out to us at [email protected] with questions, comments, or requests for more information/Investment Audit Report on ShoreVest.

Yours truly,

Kamal Suppal, CFA

Chief Investment Auditor

November 9, 2022

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