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Welcome to Emerging Markets Alternatives

Emerging Markets Alternatives (EMA-pronounced -MA) endeavors to democratize independent investment audit (a.k.a. due diligence) of alternative strategies in emerging markets for LPs and GPs, alike. EMA is analogous to a rating/appraisal agency that could be retained for its audit services by either sophisticated investors (Limited Partners-LPs) or investment managers (General Partners-GPs) on any given investment opportunity.

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What We Do

EMA provides intellectually honest independent investment audit of alternative strategies in EM from LPs’ perspective to both LPs and GPs.

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Our Process

Guided by CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct, EMA conducts its investment audit for LPs and GPs employing due diligence best practices.


Knowledge Transfer from GPs to LPs from LPs' Perspective


A High-Touch, Interactive Process with Peer-Sharing of Audit Costs

Thought Leadership


About Us

A Pedigree of Innovation, Thoughtfulness, and Thoroughness

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Ideas Lab

A Repository of Our Musings, Insights, Takeaways and Short-listed Themes Meriting Further Investment Due Diligence

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